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Holographic Hybrid 558 Sight II 65 MOA Circle with G33 3X Magnif

$126.99  $115.00
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I just recieved this, first thing first, the 3x Magnifier, I think it's really great. The holographic 558 on the other hand, the one I recieved seemed great at first glance but the problem with mine is that adjusting doesn't really work, I can't adjust the reticle up at all.
If it would let me adjust the reticle up then it would be all fine and dandy, it would be a 5 star.
Date Added: 05/11/2016 by Sigurd Nilsen

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I am sorry to inform you the bank here has been strict in international transactions due to

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The shipment to USA was also delayed because of the Covid-19 spreading around, but

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