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Latest New MAGPUL MBUS PRO Gen3 Back Up Sight Pair Folding Sight


Pretty solid rear sight, locks in well when flipped up, not sure what the windage cap is made out of feels & sounds like plastic. The front sight when flipped up does not feel real tight and goes farther forward than it seems it should, you have to bring it back to an upright position and play with it for what sounds like a spring to catch for a more secure detent. The elevation knob is completely loose if it is not in the lowest position, will probably have to put some type of loctite on the pin threads so it does not move..

I was hoping I would be able to use in conjunction with my Eotech 558 but because these sights sit so low I can only see slightly less than half of the reticle even in the lowest setting. It may have to do with the quick release base on the Eotech raising it up..However you can still see the front sight post through it with the holographic/red dot turned off.

Would I buy them again, Yes.. They are metal & you won't find a mbus pro set cheaper. The front just doesn't have the tension I was expecting.
Date Added: 05/03/2015 by Jason Knack

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