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557 black red & green dot Weapon Sight

$48.00  $42.00
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this item shipped extremely fast and didnt have to wait long at all for it to arrive from china (im located in the north east of usa). it wouldnt fit on my rails so i had to take it apart and adjust the scew and clamp, when i got it on my gun i relized that the entire sight was crooked and theres no way to adjust that. sight has an awesome reticle. the hood is aluminum, the batter compartment is plastic, the cover latch is aulminum and the base is steel. buttons are easy to use, sight is easy to adjust. comes with cleaning cloth, allen key to remove the hood ,instructions and a dust cover. batteries dont seem to be included when shipped overseas. because it is a hollographic sight, the reticle is a hologramd and it doesnt matter that the sight is crooked, just need to make sure you take the time to sight it in. this is not an exact replica of an eotech 557, but still looks really good. buttons are in good location if you plan on using the magnifier.
Date Added: 07/18/2016 by Braeden Naumann

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