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ACOG Style 4X32 Fiber Source Red Illuminated Scope w/ red dot


Excellent quality scope well justified for the price! All trademarks are there and authentic minus the White Trijicon which should be molded into the plastic but I digress realizing that would be trademark infringement. The Fiber Optic works extremely well in any ambient light but inside the reticle is pretty dim in low light scenarios which is where the RMR sight comes into effect! It does stink that the RMR doesn't have a light sensor like other replicas on the market but it claims to have a 45 day life span which is alright with me. The RMR red dot is simple and easy to use but the glass can sometimes ghost on the image if not eye relief is given. The glass and reticle on the ACOG itself though is exemplary and crystal clear and well worth the price point alone for the scope in itself! No batteries means no problems! The reticle is not the USMC chevron RCO however it is the Army version with the indexed line aperture which ballistcally is much more accurate at longer ranges. Great replica sight and I'll be trying it on my Colt soon enough to see how well it holds up to recoil!
Date Added: 11/03/2015 by Greg-Anthony Mendoza