Tactical Right ACCutact AngleSight for Red dot/Holographic Sight

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-Right angle sight allows aiming and firing around obstacles and corners. Has dual path optics and allows the shooter to immediately transition from a concealed shot to a standard shoulder aimed shot without repositioning the optic on the weapon.
-Delivers a new capability to the urban combat tactical environment for safely identifying and engaging targets.
-Rotates 360º and allows the shooter the flexibility to hold the weapon and aim through the side port at any direction: left, right, above, etc. In training, the side port allows an instructor the opportunity to see what the shooter sees and aid/coach as needed.
-Fully ruggedized 1x optical sight that is compatible with a wide variety of weapon sights including 1x tactical scopes, laser sights and iron sights
-Compatible with any caliber weapon including rifles, shotguns, handguns and less lethal weapons fitted with a picatinny rail
-Entirely optical, requires no zeroing, calibration or external power source.

- Model: A36
- Weight:100g
- Gross Weight:175g
- Color:Tan
- Optics:Dual Path, line of sight and 90º
- Power:1x
- Optical aperture:24x24mm
- Length /width / height:46x58x70 mm (with mount)
- Eye relief:Unlimited
- Housing rotation:360 º
- Compatibility:Works well with red dot/holographic sights, laser sights, iron sights.

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